Unfinished - The first artificial muse in the world of art

Unfinished is the first and unique project that stimulates an artist's creativity through the creation of artificial intelligence.

The painter Roman Lipski, artist collective YQP and the company Birds on Mars developed the idea of the interaction between man and machine on an inspirational level acting at the intersections of science and technology.

Based on the dialogue between artist and computer, the artificial intelligence functions not only as a creative figure, but also as an ingenious source of inspiration - Lipski's new muse. It inspires, provokes and challenges the painter.

At the core of the artificial muse is a neural network. The complex system is able to imitate Roman Lipski’s way of working and generates an infinite amount of original pictures. The images created by the network in turn inspire Lipski and encourage him to constantly develop his own artistic language. For over two years the system supplies the artist with new compositions, perspectives, and themes. Each new artwork by the painter is fed back into the system. Based on this new data, the machine called A.I.R. (Artificial Intelligent Roman) continuously produces new pictures as source for inspiration.


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